You are required to read and understand all terms of this agreement before placing an order with us. If you email us, that written correspondence is proof of our conversation and acceptance of your order. We will advise you to read this beforehand. Doing so or not, is completely up to you. I always want to be completely transparent with everyone.

We ask you to please answer 5 questions for us before any quote is given out:

1) What date is your event on?
2) Where is the event?
3) What is the theme? 
4) How many people are you trying to serve? 
5) What is the budget we have to work with?


 We require 50% retainer at the time your order is placed. Entire order must be paid 21 days before event. ANY CHANGES HAVE TO BE APPROVED AND EXTRA FEES MAY APPLY. NO CHANGES ARE ACCEPTED 21 DAYS BEFORE EVENT TAKES PLACE.The 50% retainer is non- refundable as this retainer is used specifically for your event and to reserve your time on our calendar.

 We take pictures and or videos of every item before delivery & once delivery is made (or picked up). We use these pictures and or videos as proof of what the product looked like before leaving Addy's Cakes & Teaghyn's Treats Bakery and arriving at your destination. We also reserve the right to use these pictures and or videos in our advertising without any form of compensation to you. 

Should there be a problem with your  item(s),  it must be brought to our attention at time of delivery or pickup. Once accepted by you or anyone acting on your behalf, Addy's Cakes & Teaghyn's Treats Bakery has no further responsibility.  REFRIGERATE your item(s) AS LONG AS POSSIBLE & SERVE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. HEAT CAN AND WILL DESTROY MOST DESSERTS.
If there is a problem with the inside of your dessert, you must call us immediately at 770-249-7282 or 770-366-7520 (my cell phone). If no one answers, leave a detailed message. Bring dessert in question back to us  within 24 hours and keep refigerated so a determination can be made about your concern. We have to inspect it to know what to do. A refund, partial refund / store credit or no action at all will be decided on the amount  and the condition of the product  you bring back. The final decision is totally up to Addy's Cakes & Teaghyn's Treats Bakery.

 Any requested changes cannot be guaranteed and may be subject to additional charges. Any last minute order we take is subject to an additional  rush fee.

We give it our best to come as close as possible to any design / colors you are asking for. We can not guarantee this. Someone else did the original design so we are trying to accommodate you to the best of our ability.  Please be aware of this before placing order.

You must notify your own guests that this bakery does use Peanuts, Tree nuts & other allergens. We also purchase some of our items to be used in your choices from outside companies. Some people are allergic to Natural dyes, artificial flavorings, sugar, artificial sweeteners, colors and other allergens not listed.   You must know what your guests are allergic to.  Addy's Cakes and Teaghyn's treats Bakery is held completely harmless for anyone's allergic reaction to any of our products including pets of any kind. 

Delivery and Pick Up 

 Delivery is $15.00 then $1.00 per mile round trip.  Depending on the circumstances of said delivery, pricing may be higher.This does not include set up fees, parking fees, toll fess etc.   
Our calculations are through Waze GPS system.

We strongly urge you to use our  delivery and setup service to be done by Addy's Cakes & Teaghyn's treats Bakery or any event planner we work with. You do have the choice of picking up your items at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damage to the items once it leaves Addy's Cakes & Teaghyn's Treats Bakeries  possession. Should you or someone you choose, pick up the products, you will assume full responsibility for them. After leaving our hands it will be considered accepted and approved by you. 
Addy's Cakes & Teaghyn's Treats Bakery is then to be held completely harmless.

When delivering, we need a suitable environment for our product*s).Please be aware of people, children, heaters, fans, pets and any other interference that can effect your display.

We ask for smooth paved roads to travel on. it is your responsibility to notify us if your venue is in a place that does not provide this for us. In the event the roads or entrance are not smooth, we will make every effort to deliver an intact product but can not guarantee this. 

Also, we cannot be held responsible for our products if your tables are not level, too small or cannot support the weight of the  item(s) you have ordered.  Temperature cannot be too hot or cold especially if it is an outdoor event. Remember that outdoor events often have problems such as heat, cold, pets, bugs, wind  and rain. These are just  a few of the concerns. Once the product has been accepted by anyone at the event on your behalf, we are relieved of our responsibility.

 Every effort will be made to deliver on time. Addy's Cakes & Teaghyn's Treats Bakery is not responsible for tardiness if the venue is changed  or we can not get set up on time because of things happening at your event.Should however delivery of your product(s) be delayed due to accidents, weather, and other causes beyond our control, we will make every effort to reach you via your contact information. We will work with you to obtain a fair solution for both of us.  

Addy's Cakes & Teaghyn's Treats Bakery is not responsible for bodily injury, property or consequential damage, which may result from services. 
Addy's Cakes & Teaghyn's Treats Bakery is not responsible for any damage to the product or shortage of product  caused by anyone not employed by Addy's Cakes & Teaghyn's Treats Bakery.

Addy's Cakes & Teaghyn's Treats Bakery will not deliver or fill the order of  a product if balance due has not been paid in full 21 days before event. You forefit the 50% retainer.

Postponement / cancellation:

The client must notify Addy's Cakes &Teaghyn's Treats Bakery if there is a change in the date, time or venue  ASAP (as soon as possible).
If the postponement (date ,time or venue ) occurs before 21 days or less of the previously scheduled event, and we have no other clients already scheduled at the new date & time you are asking for, we will do our best to assist you. Additional fees may apply. Your 50% retainer is NON REFUNDABLE.

If you cancel the entire event after all outstanding balance has been paid, Addy's Cakes & Teaghyn's treats Bakery  will try to work with you for us to come to a mutual agreement.  The amount due back to you depends on how far along we are in the process of filling your order and the reason(s) for the cancellation. Addy's Cakes & Teaghyn's treats Bakery  makes that final decision. 

If there is a dispute, Addy's Cakes & Teaghyn's treats Bakery asks that neither of us post any negative information about the other arising out of this contract or event on any online forum, social media or website without providing advance written notice of the intended content thereof, and providing the other party with an opportunity to resolve any issues between the parties amicably. Remember, We are here to work with each other, not against each other.

Addy's Cakes & Teaghyn's Treats Bakery is now a home based bakery. We are Fully licensed & insured. We no longer maintain a "Brick & Mortar" store. 


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   Addy Cakes is fully licensed & insured