If you need a custom cake please email or call the bakery 


Can I place an order to be delivered to my work place / home?

Yes, You can mix & match any of our items. If you are at work, get everyone's order together, split the costs of delivery,  & place your order. We will deliver right to your door!.
 Is it your Dogs Birthday? Have something delivered for them too!.

How do I order? 

We take orders by phone, email, face book or though our online form
Just choose the option that is right for you!

We ask every customer to answer 3 questions for us before any 
Cake or Cupcake estimate is given.

1) What is the date for your event?
2) How many people will you be serving  (so we know what size Cake to do for you)
3) What is our budget for this estimate? No we are not trying to take your money! 
We have many options to offer you. This way we know how to assist you from the beginning.

Does Addy Cakes -N- Cupcakes require a deposit?

We ask for full payment at time order is placed. 
(See refund policy below.)

Do you have a retail store so I can come by and purchase last minute Cakes / Cupcakes? 

No, Addy Cakes- N -Cupcakes is now an online Bakery. But you can mix & match any items on our menu & have it delivered to you.  remember, I will meet you back at our old bakery location for free pickup (see above)
We do have a great selection of several ready to go items (see our photo gallery page for pictures & pricing).  This is especially good for offices / businesses that want that little something sweet to get them through the day!
Remember, we will meet you back at our old bakery location for free pickup--Wednesday, Thursday or Friday from 6:30 pm to  7 pm only

Do you ship your products?

You can take your bakery items to Cold Freight (Austell, GA.) and they will do everything for you right there. Let us know so we can prepare your Cake for shipment. I can do it for you as well. Remember, shipping charges are done by weight & how far you need it shipped.

Please Note:

 While it is generally not a problem for customers to transport cakes, self-transporting of any cake is at your own risk. Addy Cakes- N -Cupcakes is not responsible for any damage that may occur to any self-transported cake once it has left our Bakery. 
Delivery is a good option.

Do you have Cake / Cupcake tastings available?

No, but you can purchase any of our Cupcakes to try. You can meet us for free pickup.  

If I need a Cake tomorrow, can you do it? Is there an additional charge?

Possibly, we normally ask for at least one week's notice. We do charge a fee of $20 or more for any last minute order that gives us less than 72 hours to fulfill. We do have Cakes that are ready to go. Call  770-249-7282 to check for availability. You can also email us at addycakes@reagan.com 

Once you have given me a quote for my order, 
how long is this quote good for?

Once we quote a price for an order, that quote is good for 14 days
ANY changes you make will  effect the original estimate.

How much do you charge for deliveries?

Delivery charge is $15.00 for the 1st 06 miles, then there is a  $1 per mile additional fee.  For more information, please click on the "Pick Up or Delivery Charges link." 

Remember, there is another option: You can pick up your order for free on 
 Wednesday, Thursday or Friday from 6:30 pm tp  7 pm 
 The Pick up location is:
5780 CH James Parkway( Hwy 278) (Old bakery location)
 Powder Springs, GA. 30127
located next to the Governors Gun Club
There is no fee for this option.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept all credit & debit cards for payment. 
You pay over the phone when order is placed / finalized.

How far in advance can I place my order? 

We accept orders up to 6 weeks  in advance. If you need an order filled  quickly,  there is possibly an  additional charge of $20.00 or more. We do ask our customers for at least one week in advance. We do try our best to accommodate last minute orders, but cannot always guarantee our availability. Because we bake from scratch here, when you place your order, we do limit the amount of orders we take. At Addy Cakes - N - Cupcakes, it is our intention to give each of your individual orders our full attention. 

We ask that you keep your Cake refrigerated as long as possible. As our Cakes are moist, they can become overly moist if left out for an extended period of time.  Heat is not good for any cake. If you do  have  problems with the interior of your Cake, as stated above, we ask that you contact us immediately. My cell phone # is 770-366-7520.  Save  ALL the cake in question for me to examine.  It is always our intention for you to have a great Cake. however, the only way for us to know what could have gone wrong,  is to see for our self. This is where we need your help.

Will my cake come in a box?

Yes. unless the tiers are to tall or the Cake is to big

 How does Addy Cakes -N -Cupcakes determine serving sizes? 

The standard in serving sizes is found on the Wilton Cake Chart. You can see this chart at www.wilton.comThe chart will be a great help to you by showing you how to get all your slices the same size and not waste any cake. This helps YOU save money!
 Look it up ahead of placing your order ( www.wilton.com) .  (See Round & Square Cake sizes.)

Why do we require full payment?

Addy Cakes -N- Cupcakes bakes from scratch. Your order is especially made for you. This way we can deliver a moist, amazing Cake to you, our special Customer!. Once we have taken your order, we are then working for YOU on your special request.

What is your policy on changes & cancellations?

All order changes and cancellations must be made 10 days before scheduled pick up or delivery. In the case of any approved cancellation, we will possibly refund  up to 50% of the amount to cover costs of materials purchased in the making of your product or a 50% store credit. The deciding factor between the 2 will be the reason  for the cancellation & any other details given. Addy Cakes -N- Cupcakes Bakery  makes that decision.  If given a store credit, You will have 90 days to use your approved store credit
In some cases, NO refund  or store credit is given.

Don't see your question posted here? Please feel free to contact us!



As our retail space has closed, I now bake from home.
I turned my Garage into a Bakery
We will meet you for free pick up at the old bakery location:
5780 C H James Pkwy. (Hwy 278)
Powder Springs, GA 30127  (next to the Governors Gun Club)

Pick Up Orders are only available on 
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings
from 6:30 pm to  7:00 PM

If you need other times PLEASE use our delivery service
Please note:  If you have a problem with your cakes design, you must speak up immediately. Once you take possession, the cake is considered accepted. If you have a problem with the interior of the cake, call the bakery ASAP  770-249-7280. My cell phone # is  770-366-7520 . If I am not available, please leave a detailed message. Keep any unused portion of the cake in question. I ask that you save the cake for me to see. I will only possibly refund the portion of the unused Cake.  If I find the Cake was acceptable after all, no refund is given. We have moist, made from scratch cakes. They are different & amazing!